Victorian Lady Collection

Victorian Lady Collection –

Victorian woman art

Be inspired to create with Victorian woman art from our brand new Victorian Lady Collection. You will be transported to a different time, a time where Victorian England women dressed elegantly in floor-length, intricately trimmed gowns as the sauntered along the Thames, their feathered hats billowing in the breeze. A time where proper attention to music, reading, and education made you into an accomplished and revered woman. Femininity is a beautiful thing and our Victorian woman art celebrates that very thing.

In our Victorian Lady Collection, you will find blank journals and lined notebooks designed with Victorian inspiration, featuring windy florals, Victorian ladies, antique sewing machines, birds, corsets, and teacups all to be used for your fall themed bullet journal. Next, you will find an alphabet travel mug and an initial coffee mug with stunning gold and floral alphabet designs. Pick your initial or make it a unique gift for a girl friend and choose their initial. Lastly, we have our book character art featuring the four main Victorian ladies from Wendy Jean Rogers’ Heed the Wind. You will instantly fall in love with their whimsical and elegant designs, the flowing lines, the florals, the expressions on their faces, are divine. You won’t want to miss out on this exclusive, limited edition collection!

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